The Hit List

I’d love to get some of your ideas and suggestions for new and different things to try for this challenge. Many minds come up with awesome ideas.
* I will do my best to try as many of the suggestions as possible but I reserve the right to sit out on some of them… 🙂

Email me with your ideas and I will add them to the list!

  • How about driving somewhere you have never been … alone … with just a camera and a notebook … with the intention of making something creative afterwards ? Naturally something original :)   – Barbara
  • Let me know what you want the challenge to be. Cycle between Ottawa and Wakefield? Bike to Montreal? The East Coast? Nunavut? – Howard
  • The next stack of ideas comes from Tabitha:
    • Do 10 pushups using hands & feet only
    • Hoola hoop for 5 minutes straight
    • Take a pole dancing class
    • Learn to dance the Tango or swing dance
    • Read an entire French book
    • Learn a Spanish poem
    • Get an orchid or bonzai tree and keep it alive for a full year
    • Ask a cute stranger for a ride on his motorcycle
  • Try a trapeze – Kat
  • I’m going to learn to snow board this winter (at 45 yrs old, this may be stupid). – Claire Bear
  • Make crème brûlée with a blow torch. – Claire Bear
  • Go on a long canoe trip down river with camping along the banks on the way. Somewhere far and rugged or north. – Claire Bear
  • Walk/run in Scotland with Team Diabetes – Tabitha
  • The following suggestions came from a sweet little crazy person I happen to know named Bailey:
    • Take a rock climbing lesson
    • Take a cross country ski lesson in Chelsea
    • Learn a cool video computer game
    • Read a type of book you’ve never read…(if there is a type you haven’t read)
    • Plant a tree on earth day
    • Write a letter to a movie star
    • Read the autobiography of some extremely admired person (or biography)
    • Begin and commit to a very very small daily routine of fitness
    • 10 push ups, 10 sit ups 10 squats. This would only take a minute a day!!!
    • Play bingo
    • Take a meditation class
    • Brazilian bikini wax!! (I believe that suggestion also came from Tabitha and/or Kat)
    • Hot yoga *[Note: this is not going to happen; been there, done that…definitely out of my comfort zone, but, to be honest, I detested it!]
  • Have a stare down with a spider (the spider could be in a jar…) – Bev
  • Are you afraid of heights? If yes, then we can plan to climb one of Wakenet’s (internet) towers …or for even more fun, we can do it when it’s -20 in February.  – John K.
  • Go shopping in Chinatown and buy 2 (at least) food items you don’t recognize: cook a dish with them. – Tanya
  • Think of a person who rubs you the wrong way and do something nice for them. – Tanya
  • Buy yourself some drop-dead sexy and far too expensive underwear. – Tanya
  • Stop and chat with a homeless person. – Tanya
  • try to produce 0% garbage for a week (in your household). – Tanya
  • Try a type of food you’ve never tried here in Ottawa (or rarely tried). Korean? – Bailey
  • Go speed dating! – Bailey
  • Go-karting – Bailey
  • Calpyso water park!!!! – Bailey
  • See a documentary at Bytowne Cinema – Bailey

Last updated January 6, 2013


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