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Doing the Sourtoe Cocktail in Dawson City

#35 In St. John’s, Newfoundland you kiss a cod. In Dawson City, Yukon, you “do the toe.” I’d like to tell you I don’t know which is more gross, but I will say that between putting a mummified toe to … Continue reading

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A Visit Back in the Time of the Gold Rush

#34 When offered the opportunity to scope out the Yukon as a possible place to hold events, my boss made it clear I had to go. Can’t argue with the boss, right? So I hopped on a plane, on which … Continue reading

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After 22 Years…I Got Back On That Horse

#33 Today I put downhill skis on for the first time in 22 years. The last time I shoop shooped down a ski hill I ended up being carried down by a (very cute) ski patroller on a sled. If … Continue reading

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Swimming With the Sharks (Sort of…)

#32 For four mornings while down in The Sunshine State a couple of weeks ago, this was the view in the morning. One morning, I braved the cool ocean water and enjoyed a beautiful swim out into the greatness. It … Continue reading

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#30 – Stuck in Snowstorm Hell

On Wednesday, I arrived at the Ottawa airport, ready for 5 days of hot sun and gorgeous ocean in Florida. It took a lot of effort (and convincing) for me to organize my life in order to carve out a … Continue reading

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#29 – Confession Time

Let’s get this out of the way. I have a confession to make. My close friends know this about me and love me anyway. When I meet someone and tell them this little tidbit about myself, I see their faces … Continue reading

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#28 – Searching for Peace and Finding Some in Yoga

For a long time I kept telling myself I should do yoga, I should meditate, I should, I should, I should. Then I remembered a self-care poster I once read: “I will not should on myself today.” Too true. So … Continue reading

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