Move Over, Bob Barker


Cost is CorrectGrowing up, I was that person who watched The Price is Right and dreamed of being called up on the stage by that booming voice that ushered all of the excited, wiggly people from the studio audience. I even (I can’t believe I’m admitting this in writing…on the internet…) wrote numerous fan letters to the show and each time received a response which always included tickets to the show and an autographed black & white glossy of Bob Barker and his “beauties” ( Janice, Dian and Holly).

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that The Cost is Correct was taking place in Diamond Tooth Gertie’s in Dawson City, Yukon, as part of Thaw Di Gras. “We have to go,” I announced to Mike, Kat and the other Erin as soon as I learned it was happening. Fortunately, they did not fight me on it.

We submitted our names and received our giant signature name tags then sat back and enjoyed the show, sipping martinis (you can’t do that on The Price is Right), shouting out prices at the contestants, getting wrapped up in the whole thing.

Erins and Jasmine

The Erins with Jasmine in the middle – rearin’ to go on The Cost is Correct

Then it happened…Jasmine got called up! We all clapped and cheered and helped her along as best we could. She’d never even seen The Price is Right so it was rather cute to see her so bewildered. But she did an excellent job! Not only did she win a massive bag of dog food (for a dog she doesn’t have) but she even made it to the final Showcase Showdown!

Jasmine Wins!

Jasmine Wins!

Next, Erin got called up. It was so exciting that 2 of the people from our table got called up. She jumped up onto the stage and did her pricing magic and also cleaned up, having come away some great prizes – t-shirt, travel mugs, a beaver hat (a cotton hat with a beaver on it) and the prize of all prizes: To sit next to the (apparently very cute) fire chief in the Dawson City Canada Day Parade.

Guess how much all of these drinks cost? Of course Erin got it right!


Erin with her winnings

Erin with her winnings

It was time for the last contestant and you can imagine my astonishment when they called my name. I jumped out of my seat and sprinted onto the stage in utter excitement. I may as well have been on the CBS show.

I can honestly tell you I don’t remember what it was I guessed the price of. But I do recall that I went over by FIVE CENTS. So unlike my winning pals, I came away with no prizes. But it doesn’t matter. Truly. I had such an amazing time – especially cheering on my friends when on stage. And the fact that The Price is Right offers prizes such as appliances and new cars does not make a lick of difference. If given the choice, I would choose the Dawson version again in a heartbeat because what you can’t get from a Los Angeles studio is special Yukon welcome, an adorable gameshow host…and giant bags of dog food.

Is the cost correct? Nope!

Is the cost correct? Nope!





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