#28 – Searching for Peace and Finding Some in Yoga

yoga dogFor a long time I kept telling myself I should do yoga, I should meditate, I should, I should, I should. Then I remembered a self-care poster I once read: “I will not should on myself today.” Too true.

So instead of walking in the Land of Shoulds, I waltzed into Pranashanti, a peaceful, inviting yoga studio in Ottawa. I had taken yoga before – years ago – but it felt like I was starting from scratch nevertheless.

That was in the fall and here I am months later and my colleague and I almost never miss our weekly lunch hour class. And every week when we walk out the door of Pranashanti, we gush about how much we love our class, how fantastic our teacher is and how glad we are that we attend this class every week. Because believe me, it’s often tempting to skip it, simply because there’s too much work to do. But we both see the enormous value in going and it does help that we nudge each other if we become too tempted to let our work bog us down.

As the weeks go by, I have become more and more in tune with the yoga spirit. I’m not going to get all “woo-woo” on you but I am finding that my body and mind are really doing well with the whole stretch-om-pose yoga thing. I have been pretzelfying myself into poses such as Geckko pose and still coming out of it in one piece. When we mediate at the end of the class, I’m coming closer to calming my mind. Still not there yet, but it’s coming.

When starting something like this, I don’t know about you, but I need to ease into these things. I can’t just sign up for a class 3 days/week right off the bat. For me, that’s a recipe for failure. But now that I’m settled into my one class a week, I have just signed up for another one, which takes place one evening a week just 5 minutes away from my house. Living in the middle of nowhere, this is no small thing.

So now I find myself taking yoga twice a week and there is definitely room in my calendar, my mind and my body for more. So taking on this one challenge of trying a yoga class has really been great for me. I will continue with my lunch hour yoga class for the foreseeable future and frankly, already couldn’t imagine my week without it.

dog yoga 2
Image credit: damedeeso / 123RF Stock Photo


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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