#24 – Losing at Texas Hold ‘Em

Still in catch-up mode…

A while back, I went to a friend’s for dinner and I learned the ins and outs of Texas Hold ‘Em. (Don’t ask me now how to play – I don’t remember a thing.)

But I did manage to stay in the game for quite a while before I lost everything. Fortunately, though we all put a couple of bucks into the pot at the beginning, I lost little more than the cost of a lottery ticket. But I had a good time with my friends and though I won’t be in a hurry to play again (because I will have to learn from scratch how to play), if I was invited, I’d do it. And maybe I could stick around longer before having to pack it in.

My winning streak

My winning streak

See? That's all I've got! Time to bet the rest...

See? That’s all I’ve got! Time to bet the rest…



About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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