# 22 – A Mad (But Fab)Tour Through Saint John, New Brunswick

IMG_1755 (478x640)

This very cool moose sculpture was standing outside of the W. Franklin Hatheway Pavillion – a lovely building located in the beautiful sprawling Rockwood Park in Saint John. (Inside this pavilion is a restaurant called Lily’s Cafe which serves amazing food. If you go to Saint John, you must make it to Lily’s Cafe.)

This was a true first for me. I was hosted as an event planner to the lovely town of Saint John, New Brunswick. Three delightful hosts who worked for Discover Saint John, The Delta Brunswick Hotel and the Hilton Saint John toured myself and 5 other event planners around their town, showing us everything they have to show us. In brief: I was spoiled. And I’m talking over-the-top spoiled. I realize they want to show us the best of the best in terms of what their city has to offer and hands down, I have to say that when talking with friends, I realize Saint John often gets a shrug and a not very excited “meh” but once you’ve been there, you’ll realize there is nothing “meh” about it. In fact, I though it was beautiful, charming, very friendly people, fabulous shops and studios. And that was just in uptown. I had one full day there, plus one evening and one morning.


A few memorable things to see in Saint John should you ever make your way there:

Tuck Studio

Some of the funky art at Tuck Studio

Some of the funky art at Tuck Studio

This funky little studio is like something I’ve never seen before. I must preface this by saying that I’m not one to get terribly excited about these things. Decorating and interior design are, to say the least, not strong interests of mine. But after we were picked up from the airport (in a stretch limo, no less! Wow.) we were taken directly to this 3-storey home/studio that is also available for events like receptions. It is a unique place to hold such events.

We were greeted by a different type of wine on each level of the building and then given a grand tour and explain all of the possibilities.


Below are a few more photos of this phenomenal space. (Please excuse the layout – I had limited control over it.)

IMG_1736 (598x800) IMG_1737 (598x800) IMG_1741 (800x598)  IMG_1746 (800x598)IMG_1748 (409x640)

The Delta Brunswick Hotel

The suite I was welcomed to at the Delta Brunswick was gorgeous – everything was huge -TV, bed, comfy chairs and even the enormous piece of chocolate cake greeting me:

IMG_1768 (478x640)IMG_1771 (478x640) IMG_1767 (478x640)

Handworks Gallery

This was cool. We were served breakfast in this very enticing gallery, which was just a 2-minute walk from the Delta Brunswick. All locally made pieces – everything from jewellery to funky wooden bowls and gorgeous pottery. AND the owners were so friendly and helpful. Each of us in the group came away with some memorable goods. Gorgeous spot. Next time I’m in Saint John, it will be one of my first stops.

IMG_1777 (478x640) IMG_1778 (478x640) IMG_1779 (478x640) IMG_1781 (478x640)

So this is a glimpse at just a few of the things I was fortunate enough to have seen and experienced in this lovely city. There were so many other places we visited. It was amazing how much we did in just 2 days. I am sorry I didn’t have time to go and explore the outskirts of the city, as I hear there are some beautiful places to visit around the area. I guess that will have to be next time!


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