#15 – Life’s Challenges Can Be Fun…But Some Are Not

stress relaxHectic. That is how I would describe the last 2 weeks of my life. Working far too many extra hours to finish a project (which, I can happily say, is pretty much finished). The last 7 days could almost translate into a country song; one of those “if it could go wrong, it did go wrong” kinds of weeks. It’s been a good test of my resiliency.

Suffice it to say that this past week has taught me that there are many challenges that land in our laps without inviting them. They do plenty to shake up our world and keep us on our toes. And we also tend to learn more from such difficulties than we do when we’re living the high life, where everything is great and nothing goes wrong.

For instance, Monday morning, I arrived at my office and discovered my carpet was soaked. A radiator had burst. The damage (and inconvenience), however, could have been far worse than it was and I just plunked myself in my boss’ office for the day and carried on.

At the end of the day, my co-worker, Tabitha, had what I would affectionately call a “psychic moment” (she may disagree, but I’ll have fun with that) when she suggested I take my laptop home due to the fact that the weather was calling for freezing rain the next day. Living almost an hour away from work, I really appreciate the understanding that in bad weather, I can work from home. I decided she was right and although I had no intention of staying home the next day, as I had 2 meetings I was looking forward to, I grabbed my computer on my way out.

It was after leaving the city, while crawling through a snowstorm on the highway that my “Power Failure” light came on and my car decided it had had enough. It coughed, slowed down and I managed to have enough time to get it to the shoulder before it died. I’ll be honest – a couple of tears welled up, but only because it was dark, in the country, cold and snowing. And I was tired. Really, really tired.

I phoned my mechanic who is also my friend and he called in a favour for me. After phoning CAA and being told someone would be there within 90 minutes, I waited in the cold car for Sean to phone me back.

(By the way, I highly recommend you go put a candle, matches and blanket into your car right now. It’s ok, I’ll wait…)

*Cheezy elevator music playing*

So Sean phoned me back and assured me that someone would be there within 15 minutes. He is friends with the guy who owns the towing company that tows for CAA in the area. Sure enough, 15 minutes later, a truck pulled up. Saved.

car on tow truck

The tow truck driver and his boss getting my wheels up on the back of the truck.

CAA is a great thing to have, though I must remember to buy CAA Plus, which would cover 40 km towings, as CAA does not. So $100 later, my car and I landed at Sean’s garage up in my area. He kindly drove me home but due to the snow and the fact that my loooong laneway hadn’t yet been ploughed, I insisted he drop me off partway to ensure he wouldn’t get stuck in my yard, unable to climb my hill back out.

It was after 9:00 p.m., I hauled my bag and computer and slogged through the snow in the dark back home. I called the dogs as loudly as I could – my voice echoed in the otherwise quiet valley and moments later, they came running up the laneway and met me.  Those last 5 minutes and the sight of my house made me smile.


Never did “Home Sweet Home” mean so much to me.

So my meetings got cancelled and I chained myself to my kitchen table on Tuesday with a pot of tea and my laptop. However, my frustration only grew when I discovered our work email and website were not working. Uugh. Seriously?? I had a big day on Wednesday. I needed my email. I also needed access to the website. I needed to get my work done. It was a frustrating day for all of us.

Tuesday night, I missed my Date Night with my son, which made me rather sad. But one of the things I try to focus on in my “old age” is not dwelling on things that are out of my control. Easier said than done, but something worth working on.

Wednesday, I nabbed a ride to work with my neighbours. With the exception of the fact that the email quandary was causing me to have to do a lot of manual things at work that would otherwise be fairly automatic and the fact that I had to do some detective work to figure out why my office phone had locked me out of my voice mail, the day was okay. Nerve racking but okay. That night, I learned that my car was fine and I waited up for my friend to pick me up and get it. He didn’t show up. It got late. He got waylaid at the garage. I was bushed. It had already been a long week and it was only Wednesday. When I finally reached him, he assured me that he would drop it off to me in my driveway later that night with the help of a buddy that was working with him. I went to bed far too late, but had faith that I would have a car in the morning.

Thursday morning, I was awake at 4:30 and no matter how much I tried to fall back to sleep, it wasn’t happening. So I (stupidly) reached over and opened my email on my phone. That was a dumb thing to do. I read a very, very sad email from a friend written only hours earlier, announcing that her dog – one I have looked after numerous times – was killed by a car. The shock jolted my heart and I knew that getting back to sleep was but a dream.

Sweet little Kina will be missed.

When I dragged myself out of bed, I peeked outside and was relieved to see my car in my driveway – kind of like Christmas morning when you wake up and need to double check that Santa really had come through; the he was there while you slept and that there was something special just for you. My Santa mechanic had once again come through for me.

Thursday was a a long, long day, but overall a good one. I consider it a new challenge in and of itself (but a good one) and I will write a separate blog post on it.

Friday arrived and so did the wall that I hit. I worked for several hours in the morning and then my co-workers and I all went out for a Sushi lunch (I still didn’t eat any more raw fish, though) to celebrate my friend Richelle’s last day of work – it was her position I took over and we were long overdue to have a lunch to see her off. It was great to see her, but my long and tiring couple of weeks got the better of me by about noon and I felt myself just slipping into “I have to go home now” mode.

As planned, I left work early and landed at my fabulous fabulous Osteopath’s house for some foot work. She is going to fix my foot. That makes me happy. It’s a process but at least I feel like with her help, I will be up and running (literally) within a few short months.

That's going to be me by summer!

That’s going to be me by summer!

Upon my return home, I did have to work several more hours in order to completely finish that project I had been doing. I was able to wrap it up around 11:00 pm that night.

And now it is the weekend. I get to watch my many, many birds fly, hang out and eat the many, many seeds I always put out for them. I get to enjoy my fire, my cats, my dogs, and my son. My friend came over for breakfast yesterday and we had a lovely time. I made cookies for my Santa mechanic. The quiet of the farm is feeding my soul after this action-packed week emptied part of it.

I have to add one more thing: Although this was certainly a challenging week for me and for many, I recognize that it could have been far worse – I wasn’t in an accident AND my car didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to fix; my own cats and dogs are fine; email and internet problems have been fairly fixed (not 100% but almost there); I have my health, my friends, my family and my home; and once I manage to get over this hump, I will be in a position to consciously and purposely take on more challenges.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week!!!

Image credits:
(Stress/Relax): stuartphoto / 123RF Stock Photo

(Runner): warrengoldswain / 123RF Stock Photo

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Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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One Response to #15 – Life’s Challenges Can Be Fun…But Some Are Not

  1. Elsie says:

    Loved reading all about your hectic, stressful week last week….Love you sooooooomuch..Mom

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