Determination or Self-Torture?

breaktime teasersOne of the first challenges I tried (and, sadly, failed) was to complete an entire crossword puzzle. Without cheating. Or ripping it up. Or swearing like my friend Louisa. Did I mention I failed that challenge?

Well, my co-worker and friend Tabitha is my crossword cheerleader and earlier this week, when I arrived at work, I was greeted with a “Good morning” and a gift. She handed me a book of crosswords with a post-it note that read:

Post It - crossword challenge

I realize that with Tabitha on the sidelines, there is no way I can allow myself to simply abandon ship after one measly attempt at completing a crossword puzzle. For this, I do thank her (sort of).

My goal now is to suffer through try with all my might to answer a whack of clues within these pages of 100+ crossword puzzles tirelessly until I actually complete one entire puzzle. It may take some zigzagging through many pages – one clue here, two there – but eventually I hope to complete at least one puzzle. WITHOUT CHEATING.

Please note that this will not be easy for me. I love to write, but I also love equally as much. To reach into my own internal thesaurus usually means I need to reach past some seriously dusty cobwebs inside my head and try to make my way through the cavernous areas dotted with only a few random words and letters. However, if I can stand it long enough to get past that familiar emptiness, I might be surprised by the plethora of information that lies in there like a treasure trove locked up tight in an ancient cave. I know I’ve got it…just have to try hard enough to find it.

Any crossword geeks out there with any advice for me?


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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2 Responses to Determination or Self-Torture?

  1. tabsarose says:

    Bahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaa. That is all.

  2. Barbara Scott says:

    Crossword puzzles are like playing Scrabble with a Scrabble dictionary … they require a totally different set of skills and knowledge (and morality 🙂 from the skills connected with the ability to write, speak, and communicate with real people in real situations in the real world. If you master those skills you will have mastered a new set of abilities. If you don’t, well hey! you can still be my friend:)

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