#6 – Learning that Pizza is Better than Santa

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Did you know that when you show up at someone’s house with pizza, it makes them very, very happy? Even though they still have to pay for it?

Last night I tried my hand at something I’ve never done before. I became a pizza delivery person for a night. I wish I could say I was a pizza delivery person extraordinaire but I can’t say as such. A small mishap involving ice, trees and a crazy steep hill taught me that I need better tires, plus some tutoring in simple math would definitely be necessary before I could claim that status. It turns out I can’t differentiate between a “medium” and a “large” and the fact that the large costs more. (Who knew?) However, a couple of people got a sweet deal on their pizzas last night. It just meant that if I was trying to make a living at delivering pizzas, I wouldn’t exactly do well at it, as the tips dwindled by the pizza. Good thing I wasn’t doing it for the money…

My first delivery was the coolest – I got two hugs!!! Of course, that could have been creepy had I not known the huggers. Sean and his son Sam gave me the best hugs when I showed up on their doorstep with hot awesome pizza! And had I had time, they may have even shared their pizza…

There were a few familiar faces during the evening; people who were a little surprised to see me delivering their pizzas. I did stop at the wrong house once, but the man was gracious and kind and didn’t mind being bothered by a lost pizza delivery girl. But all-in-all, it was a success (minus the bad math and the minor accident).

I want to say thank you to Mama Gen for giving me the opportunity to deliver pizza for her last night and for being such a good sport when she learned that my math skills aren’t quite up to snuff. And when I called her out of the blue and told her that I’m doing 100 new and different things out of my routine this year, then asked if I could deliver pizza for her one night, she was thrilled and gave me a big YES!

And despite the fact that I can’t count, I will say that I did not eat anyone’s pizzas and everyone who ordered did, indeed, get their pizzas, still hot and ready to scarf down the hatch, so I could have made a worse pizza delivery gal. AND I got to end the night with a fabulous Mama Gen pizza in front of my fire with my first glass of wine in 2 weeks.  Thanks, Gen!


Perfect way to end my night as a pizza delivery girl AND my 12-day detox!


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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6 Responses to #6 – Learning that Pizza is Better than Santa

  1. tabsarose says:

    This is the best photo yet. So entirely jealous of that fire, pizza, and wine. Keep ’em coming; your posts are gold!

  2. Erin Kuhns says:

    Thanks! I’m having fun. You’ll come have wine and pizza in front of the fire one of these days…and you’ll see why I have to force myself to leave the house! 🙂

  3. Paul says:

    And you didn’t get mugged once? Congrats!

  4. Cathie says:

    Erin, you are my hero! I love how you live every moment to the fullest. I wish you well on/in your future endeavors my friend.

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