A Few Things I’ve Learned from Wild Rose D-Tox

It’s the last day of the Wild Rose D-Tox. I made it!! I’ll be ending this day with a slice of a special little treat I call PIZZA but there will be more on that story, which I will share tomorrow. In the mean time, here are a few things I learned while doing this 12-day detox:

  • When I’m salivating over the thought of dessert, a bowl of berries does the trick quite nicely.
  • No one needs to have dessert or junk food every day no matter how much it seems like a good idea.
  • I’ve discovered a new love: pumpkin seeds!
  • I actually possess willpower and discipline, which surprised the hell out of me.
  • Spending $5.00 on a chai latté at Starbucks doesn’t faze me, but when broccoli is more than $1.50, I have to debate whether it’s too expensive. Ironic, isn’t it? My perspective has changed.
  • Generally speaking, I eat a lot more crap than I thought I did – whether it’s blatant junk food or simply convenience foods that seem healthy but are full of hidden chemicals and sugar. I hope to keep a closer eye on that one.
  • Eating truly healthy, real meals with real food takes time, energy and patience.
  • The power of suggestion can be incredibly strong…but my willpower can be even stronger.
  • It takes some serious willpower to walk into grocery stores – they are often overflowing with chocolate, pastries and candy (especially at this time of year).
  • I love chocolate, pastries and candy.

This detoxing experience has been so way out of my comfort zone and so good for me on many levels. I hope this will help me become a lot more conscious (on a long term basis) about what I put in my mouth. But in the mean time, believe you-me, I am going to thoroughly enjoy that piece of red velvet cake that has been preserved so delicately in my freezer, waiting for me as patiently as I have been waiting for it.


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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2 Responses to A Few Things I’ve Learned from Wild Rose D-Tox

  1. stbijou says:

    Well done my lovely!!!

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