#2 – The ol’ detox

This is a 12-day challenge that I’ve been working my way up to for awhile, as it takes time to organize menus, shop for items you may not readily have on hand, and cook everything from scratch. My reason is simple: It’s time. I feel like my body needs a bit of a break. These past few weeks, I have managed to have the opportunity to relax, give my mind and body a chance to be calm after a lot of chaos in my life over the past several months. Now it’s time for the next step, to rid my body of some extra nasties that naturally build up along the way. Let me be clear on this one: I am not into fasting. I don’t believe in it (at least not for myself). Anything that would render me prone to snacking on people close by because I can’t eat anything, is just unnatural.

This detox is called the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox. No sugar, flour, fermented foods (soy sauce, vinegar, wine and alcohol – sniff – etc.), no dairy and there is even a list of fruits and vegetables on the “Do not eat” list, for a variety of reasons, the main one being they’re too sweet.

If anyone has done such a detox before, please share your experiences with me. I am  mentally ready and I have my meals cooked and ready to go for the next 3 days. Organization is key on this one.

This challenge truly is outside of my comfort zone. It makes cooking a priority and I have to be mindful of staying away from all kinds of easy, convenient and not-so-good-for-you foods. But it’s doable and I am fairly certain my co-workers will be safe and won’t have any limbs chomped on in the near future. However, if Armageddon hits, no promises…


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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