Crosswords Suck

Failure #1

It only make sense that when you embark on a challenge to try things out of your comfort zone, that not every one of those challenges is going to be fun, nor successful. Today I tore the crossword puzzle out of the newspaper, sharpened my pencil, polished my glasses, settled into the couch in front of the fire, and readied myself for the task of completing it. Some may roll their eyes and say, “Big deal. I do them all the time.” Well, I don’t. Unless they’re easy enough for a 6 year-old to do, they’re out of my league.  It’s not to say that I’m dumb or don’t like words (both are worthy of a debate at a different time, however), but I am fairly certain that people who successfully complete newspaper crosswords have developed some squirmy little part of their brain that can follow the alien language of crosswords. And either I do not have that piece of my brain or I have simply never developed it. Either way, I suck at doing crosswords. So completing an entire crossword seemed like a fair challenge.

I began by scanning the clues and filling in all that I could without too much effort. I managed to get 2. Aidan then joined in the fun and we guessed a few more. By now, I started to feel my chances of succeeding slipping away – would such a challenge count if I’m getting a lot of help? I sent him to check the solution to see if the 3  answers we’d guessed were correct. They were not. Ok, so now I’ve gotten help AND cheated. Not looking good…

Next step: Great site. However, in this instance, I would equate using it with cheating, especially since I still had 98% of the puzzle yet to complete. Using this handy resource helped me fill in 3 more answers. But at that point, I realized I was going nowhere fast. Rather than writing about my #2 challenge, I instead get to write about my #1 failure.

My final conclusion: I can accept failure from time to time. It’s probably even good for the soul on some level. And in the mean time, I shall stick to crossword puzzles bearing the label: For ages 5-7.


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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One Response to Crosswords Suck

  1. tabsarose says:

    Erin, you make me laugh so hard. My challenge is to help you complete a crossword puzzle. Stick withe me. We got this.

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