Go! … #1 – Build a (gulp!) bird feeder

This is the birdhouse I did not build

So I managed to successfully (?) complete my first challenge of my 100-ways-to-shake-things-up-in-one-year challenge! My friend Jenn and I holed up in the workshop out in the barn to build 2 bird feeders. We measured, cut (not necessarily in that order), sawed, banged nails, laughed and swore only a few times.

I found plans for a fairly simple bird feeder online (see photo to the left), managed to rustle up some various and sundry pieces of wood from one of the barns, pulled out some tools and nails, and then pretended to know how to use a skill saw.

Let me  be clear on something. I have never made a bird feeder in my life, nor anything even remotely resembling a bird feeder. I have few carpentry skills so could probably not be trusted to build much more than a mouse house. Jenn and I work well together, though. She also has little experience in the hammer and nails department and we both agree that there is value in “eyeballing” things and not necessarily going to the trouble of pulling the measuring tape out every single time.

These are the 2 birdhouses Jenn and I actually built

After about 4 hours, we became the proud owners of 2 fine (ahem) new bird feeders, which will help feed many of our feathered friends for an entire winter (if we’re lucky).

While we hammered away at our little project all afternoon, I smiled because I realized that had I not created this slightly crazy challenge for myself, I would not have taken the time to even think about building a bird feeder. It was then that I realized I am on the right path…I am excited to keep trying new things (or things that I’d last done so long ago, they may as well be new)! So don’t forget to throw some ideas my way, either via comments or by email.

Before I head to bed and dream of black and blue thumbs (I’m saying nothing…) I want to ask you one question: What is something you never thought you could do but might give it a try once you really give it some thought? Comment below and share your own thoughts…and what might be holding you back!


About Erin Kuhns

Stepping out of the woods and out of my comfort zone. One year...one hundred new things to ensure I don't spend another year sitting in the armchair of life.
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4 Responses to Go! … #1 – Build a (gulp!) bird feeder

  1. Barbara Scott says:

    Will have to think about the specifics … but I think heading back along the very long road into childhood I might find some things that scared and excited me which would offer inspiration … it really is all about living in the moment … time disappears when you are learning something new or creating something with your own hands or mind.

  2. Erin Kuhns says:

    You are bang-on, Barbara. Living in the moment – seizing the day, so-to-speak. Doing something new and challenging helps you funnel your energy into one thing, allowing you to let go of anything that’s bothering you or nagging at you. It’s freeing, I suppose. And then you get a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you’re done. You win on all levels!

  3. Bailey says:

    I’m just reading thru this blog now (in order) and I had a good giggle regarding the bird houses! well done. Something I should get up the guts to try…?… pole dancing!

  4. Jen Chandler says:

    Just finished reading all your posts! I think this is a WONDERFUL idea! Best of luck in completing your Hit List!! You’ve just encouraged me to go ahead with my little spark of an idea for a year long project for 2013. Thanks! I look forward to following along and seeing what you get into. Oh, and the bird houses look great!! 🙂

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